LUXCARE™ Protection Coverages: 

Paint Protection guards against environmental damage 

LUXCARE™ automotive paint protection chemically bonds to the surfaces of your vehicle. This invisible protective coating provides a powerful barrier that helps protect your vehicle’s exterior finish from the harmful effects of environmental causes such as acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, industrial fallout, and ultra violet rays. Luxcare also helps to maintain the color, texture and beauty of your paint. 

Vehicle paint protection is affordable and effective protective system for your vehicle that offers peace of mind. Paint protection is safe to use on new, pre-owned and leased vehicles. It protects the resale value, the longevity, appearance, keeps the paint looking new, reduces the onset of corrosion and eliminates the need for frequent waxing. 

Fabric and Carpet Protection repels most common stains 

LUXCARE™ fabric and carpet protection guards against normal soiling and spills of dirt, water, coffee and food. LuxCare also helps protect surfaces against UV fading. 

  • Guards against water and oil based stains 
  • Helps extend the life of fabric and carpets 
  • Contains inhibitors to retard fading 
  • For use on interior fabric seats, door panels and flooring 
  • The limited warranty covers professional cleaning, reconditioning or replacement of most carpet or seat surfaces (*) 
  • Helps increase resale value

Benefits- LUXCARE

Leather and Vinyl Protection 

LUXCARE™ Leather and Vinyl protection provides a barrier against normal soiling and staining. Regular applications of LUXCARE™ Leather and Vinyl protection will help protect your vehicle’s appearance resale value. 

  • Creates a barrier against stains 
  • Helps protect against premature aging 
  • Helps retain natural softness 
  • For use on interior seats, Door panels, Dashboard and Trim 
  • The limited warranty covers professional cleaning, dyeing, reconditioning or replacement of vinyl or leather surfaces. (*) 
  • Helps increase resale value 

*Certain restrictions apply. Consumer is responsible for normal care and cleaning. Ask dealership for more detail.